Bryan Norman

MS Fall 2013


Structural Evolution of the Central Schell Creek Range, White Pine County, Nevada

Research Areas
Geologic Field Mapping, Structure

Phil Gans & John Cottle


Lloyd and Mary Edwards Field Studies Fellowship, 2011/12


The primary focus of my research is the structural evolution of the central Schell Creek Range in east-central Nevada.  I use detailed 1:12,000 geologic field mapping and structural analysis to determine the deformational history of the area. My research is trying to address two main topics: 1) How accommodation zones work in the Basin and Range Provence 2) Do any structures in the neighboring Northern Snake Range (a classic metamorphic core complex) correlate with structures in the central Schell Creek Range. I have also worked in the Trans-Antarctic Mountains of Antarctica, looking at A-type magnetism associated with the Ross Orogeny.



Earth 20: Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), S13
Earth 104A;  Field Studies in Geology (Teaching Assistant), F11
Earth 104B:  Field Methods (Teaching Assistant), S12
Earth 114: Geomaterials (Teaching Assistant), W13
Earth 118:  Summer Field Geology (Teaching Assistant), M12
Earth 177:  Ore Deposits (Teaching Assistant), F12
Earth 185: Physical Volcanology (Teaching Assistant), S13