Earth Science Labs & Instrumentation

Surface Processes, Stratigraphy & Hydrology

Surface process, sedimentologic, and hydrologic research at UCSB uses advanced field and lab techniques to explore processes, rates, and controls of erosion and deposition, interpretation of the stratigraphic record, and the flow of fluids in response to interactions of climate, tectonics, and the land surface.

Sedimentology Lab Equipment

Petrology, Geochronology & Structure

Petrology, geochronology and tectonics research at UCSB employs an array of field and lab-based techniques to elucidate the timing and duration of tectonic, geochemical and geodynamic processes operating at scales ranging from the single crystal to the orogen scale. We are particularly interested in understanding the origin of mantle heterogeneities, the timescales and geochemical signature of crustal growth and recycling, and the structural evolution of orogenic systems. For details, see LASS Facility and EPMA, SEM, and EBSD Facility.

Petrology Lab Equipment

Paleoclimatology, Ocean Chemistry & Biogeochemistry

Research focuses on computational approaches to the interpretation of paleoclimate records; controls on the chemical composition of the oceans in the present and past; the reconstruction and understanding of (1) past monsoon rainfall variability, (2) temperature, salinity, and circulation of the oceans, (3) linkages between tropical oceans and high latitude climate, and their interaction with and effect on the monsoon systems and the biogeochemical cycling of organic material, methane, and hydrogen in microbially-dominated environments.

Paleoclimate Lab Equipment