Andrew Rich

PhD Spring 2013


Research Areas
Hydrogeology, Geomorphology

Ed Keller


Earth 1:  Geology and the Environment (Teaching Assistant), M09

Earth 2:  Physical Geology (Teaching Assistant), W10/F10/S11/W12

Earth 4:  Intro to Oceanography (Teaching Assistant), F12

Earth 7:  Dinosaurs (Teaching Assistant), S09

Earth 20:  Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), S10/M11/M12

Earth 113:  Engineering and Environmental Geology (Teaching Assistant), F09/F11

Earth 124IT:  Isotope Tracer Geochemistry (Teaching Assistant), W11

Earth 124SI:  Stable Isotope Biogeochemistry (Teaching Assistant), W11

Earth 168/ Env S 168:  Aqueous Transport of Pollutants (Teaching Assistant), F07

Env S 2:  Intro to Environmental Science (Teaching Assistant), W08/W12