Alex Simms


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TTR 8:30-10:30

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Webb 2041


Sedimentology/Stratigraphy, Coastal Geology, Quaternary Science



PhD, Rice University, 2006

BS, Oklahoma State University, 2001




My interests lie in studying how past depositional systems have responded to sea-level, climate, and tectonic changes. I use a wide variety of tools to study past depositional systems including coring, high-resolution seismic data, GPR and outcrop analysis. I am particularly interested in reconstructing Quaternary Sea Levels around the globe and the role of the Antarctic and Northern Hemisphere Ice Sheets in controlling sea-level changes over the last glacial-eustatic cycle. Although most of my work has centered around coastal systems, I do enjoy studying terrestrial systems as well.





Publications: (“underline” denotes student author).


In Press:

Simms, A.R., Reynolds, L.C., Bentz, M., Roman, A., Rockwell, T., Peters, R. (in press).  Tectonic subsidence of California estuaries increases forecasts of relative sea-level rise.  Estuaries and Coasts.



Anderson, J.B., Wallace, D.J., Simms, A.R., Rodriguez, A.B., Weight, R.W.R., and Taha, Z.P. (2016).  Recycling sediments between source and sink during a eustatic cycle: Systems of late Quaternary northwestenr Gulf of Mexico Basin.  Earth-Science Reviews 153: 111-138.

Livsey, D.N., Simms, A.R., Hangstefer, A., Nisbet, R.A., and DeWitt, R. (2016).  Drought modulated by North Atlantic sea surface temperatures for the last 3,000 years along the northwestern Gulf of Mexico.  Quaternary Science Reviews 135: 54-64.

Arauza, H.M., Simms, A.R., Bement, L.C., Carter, B.J., Conley, T., Woldergauy, A., Johnson, W.C., and Jaiswal, P. (2016).  Geomorphic and sedimentary responses of the Bull Creek Valley (Southern High Plains, USA) to Pleistocene and Holocene environmental change.  Quaternary Research 85: 118-132.

Simms, A.R., Rouby, H., and Lambeck, K. (2016).  Marine terraces and rates of vertical tectonic motion: The importance of glacio-isostatic adjustment along the Pacific Coast of central North America.  Geological Society of America Bulletin 128: 81-93.



Reynolds, L.C., and Simms, A.R. (2015).  Late Quaternary relative sea level in Southern California and Monterey Bay.  Quaternary Science Reviews 126: 57-66.

Simkins, L.M.Simms, A.R., and DeWitt, R.  (2015).  Assessing the link between coastal morphology, wave energy, and sea ice throughout the Holocene from Antarctic raised beaches.  Journal of Quaternary Science 30: 335-348.

Holmquist, J., Reynolds, L., Brown, L., Southon, J., Simms, A.R., and MacDonald, G.  (2015).  Marine radiocarbon reservoir values in southern California estuaries: interspecies, latitudinal, and interannual variability.  Radiocarbon 57: 449-458.  PDF

Ejarque, A., Anderson, R.S., Simms, A.R., and Gentry, B.J.  (2015).  Prehistoric fires and the shaping of colonial transported landscapes in southern California: A paleoenvironmental study at Dune Pond, Santa Barbara County.  Quaternary Science Reviews 112: 181-196.  PDF

Simms, A.R. and Rodriguez, A.B. (2015).  The influence of valley morphology on the rate of bayhead delta progradation.  Journal of Sedimentary Research 85: 38-44.  PDF



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Buzas-Stephens, P., Livsey, D.N., Simms, A.R., and Buzas, M.A.  (2014).  Estuarine foraminifera record Holocene stratigraphic changes and Holocene climate changes in ENSO and the North American monsoon: Baffin Bay, Texas.  Palaeogeography, Palaeoclimatology, Palaeoecology 404: 44-56.  PDF

Simms, A.R. and Rodriguez, A.B. (2014).  Where to coastlines stabalize following rapid retreat?  Geophysical Research Letters 41: 1698-1703.  PDF

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Simms, A.R., Anderson, J.B., DeWitt, R., Lambeck, K., and Purcell, A., (2013).  Quantifying rates of coastal subsidence since the last interglacial and the role of sediment loading.  Global and Planetary Change 111: 296-308.  PDF

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Courses Taught:

Earth 10: Antarctica

Earth 104A: Field Methods

Earth 108/208: Depositional Systems

Earth 118/119: Field Camp

Earth 122: Principles of Sedimentology and Stratigraphy

Earth 176: Geologic Applications of GIS

Earth 245: Sequence Stratigraphy


Current Students:

Elisabeth Steel, PhD, Hyperpycnal fans of the Santa Barbara Channel

Laura Reynolds, PhD, Holocene evolution of the estuaries of southern California

Julie Zurbuchen, PhD, Holocene history of sandy coastal plain of southern California

Michael Bentz, MS, Foraminifera sea-level reconstruction for southern California




Vanessa Brillo, MS'15, Depositional facies of the Permian Cloud Chief Formation, Oklahoma, Now at MadScience (Los Angeles, CA)

Johnathan Rice, MS'15, Holocene history and facies of the Nueces Bayhead Delta, Texas, Now at D-Corp (Ventura, CA)

Daniel Livsey, PhD'15, Holocene climate and sea-level history of south Texas, Now a PostDoc with California SeaGrant (Sacramento, CA)

Lauren Simkins, PhD '14, Holcoene sea-level reconstruction along the Antarctic Peninsula, Now a PostDoc at Rice University (Houston, TX)

Eva van Thury, MS '13, Cliff erosion along the Santa Barbara Channel, Now at Padre Associates (Santa Barbara, CA)

Hannah Arauza (Alexander), MS '13, Holocene evolution of the Bull Creek Valley, Oklahoma, Now at Terracon Consultants (Denver, CO)


At Oklahoma State University:

Katie Ross, MS '11, Modern depositional environments of the Great Salt Plains, Oklahoma, Now at S&M Energy (Midland, TX)

Zachary Poland, MS' 11, Depositional Environments of the Rush Springs Sandstone, Oklahoma, Now at Devon Energy (Oklahoma City, OK)

Taylor Troiani, MS '10, Late Quaternary/Holocene Evolution of Copano Bay, Texas, Now at Devon Energy (Oklahoma City, OK)

Tyler Treece, MS '09, Depositional Environments of the Duncan Formation, Oklahoma, Now at EOG (Oklahoma City, OK)

Annie Drewry, MS '09, Coastal Geology of the Gerlache Strait, Antarctica, Now at ConocoPhillips (Houston, TX)

Peter Kouremenos, MS '08, Reconstructing sea-levels in Antarctica from raised beach deposits, Now at the University of Alberta, Augustana Campus

Mike Aufil, MS '07, Sedimentology of the Woodford Shale, Oklahoma, Now at Newfield (Tulsa, OK)

Niranjan Aryal, MS '07, Late Quaternary/Holocene Evolution of Baffin Bay, Texas, Now at Schlumberger (Houston, TX)