Down the Colorado River with the Grand Canyon Dories, 1986

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Dories01.01 Dories06.02 Dories09.03
Dories10.04 Dories11.05 Dories342.62
Dories12.06 Dories13.07 Dories22.09
DoriesA37 Dories14.08 Dories30.10
Dories31.11 Dories35.12 Dories36.13
Dories39.14 Dories50.17 Dories51.18
Dories44.15 Dories48.16 Dories54.19
Dories70.20 Dories71.21 Dories72.22
Dories73.23 Dories75.25 Dories74.24
Dories76.26 Dories77.27 Dories341.60