Down the Colorado River with the Grand Canyon Dories, 1986

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Dories220.77 Dories221.78 Dories224.80
Dories225.81 Dories223.79 Dories287.109
Dories300.112 Dories302.114 Dories303.115
Dories308.117 Dories309.118 Dories310.119
Dories312.121 Dories311.120 Dories313.122
Dories314.123 Dories317.125 Dories316.124
Dories319.126 Dories322.128 Dories326.130
Dories324.129 Dories332.131 Dories340.137
Dories336.134 Dories335.133 Dories338.135