Down the Colorado River with the Grand Canyon Dories, 1986

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Dories89.29 Dories99.31 Dories97.30
Dories100.32 Dories107.33 Dories183.57
Dories110.34 Dories120.36 Dories117.35
Dories129.38 Dories132.39 Dories133.40
Dories321.127 Dories141.43 Dories142.44
Dories143.45 Dories152.47 Dories150.46
Dories153.48 Dories156.50 Dories157.51
Dories160.52 Dories163.53jpg Dories164.54
Dories165.55 Dories170.56 ags3904
Dories186.63 Dories187.64 Dories192.65