Scott Herman

MS Winter 2013


Research Area
Geothermal and mineral exploration

Phil Gans


I am an experienced geothermal and mineral exploration geologist, having spent the past 6 years working on active and extinct geothermal systems (porphyry copper and epithermal gold). I excel at all aspects of fieldwork and am an experienced technical writer. I enjoy working in groups developing conceptual models of systems and am keen to work more with 3D modeling, especially as it can be used to improve the collaboration between geoscientists and reservoir engineers. I do my best work when in a position with a fairly even balance between field and office time.


Geol 2: Physical Geology (Teaching Assistant), F05/S05

Geol 30: History of Life (Teaching Assistant), W06

Geol 103: Structural Geology (Teaching Assistant), W07

Geol 119: Field Investigation (Teaching Assistant), M06

Geol 122: Sedimentary and Stratigraphy (Teaching Assitant), F06

Geol 158: Advanced Structure (Teaching Assistant), F06