Robert Holder

PhD Summer 2018
MS Winter 2014

Office Location

Webb 2015


MS Thesis:
Monazite Trace-Element and Isotopic Signatures of Ultrahigh- Pressure Metamorphism: Examples from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway

PhD Dissertation:
What Causes Ultrahigh-Temperature Metamorphism? A Case Study fromSouthern Madagascar 

Research Areas
Metamorphic Petrology, Geochronology, Geochemistry

Brad Hacker



Alumni Graduate Award for Research Excellence, 2013/14


My research interests involve understanding how the continents of Earth have grown and changed through time. To address this question, I study metamorphic rocks from different places and times in Earth's history using fieldwork, petrography, radiometric dating, and phase-equilibria modeling. How/when did the rocks form and how/when were they brought to the surface? Are these processes the same today as they were in the past and if not, how are they different? How do these processes at depth influence what happens on the Earth's surface?


My current projects include studying the ultrahigh-temperature rocks of southern Madagascar (East African Orogeny, ~650-500 Ma) and the ultrahigh-pressure rocks from the Western Gneiss Region, Norway (Caledonian Orogeny, ~450-390 Ma).


EARTH 6: Mountains, Boots, and Backpacks (Teaching Assistant), F13

EARTH 102C: Metamorphic Petrology (Teaching Assistant), F12/F14

EARTH 104B: Field Methods (Teaching Assistant), S13/S14/S15

EARTH 114: Geomaterials (Teaching Assistant), W13

EARTH 115: Analytical Methods in Geomaterials (Teaching Assistant), W14

EARTH 118/119:  Summer Field Geology (Teaching Assistant), M14