Jonathan Harvey

PhD Summer 2015

Office Location

Webb 1032


MS Thesis
Reconciling Holocene Alluvial Records in Buckskin Wash, Southern Utah

PhD Dissertation
Along-strike tectonic variability in the central Himalaya

Research Areas
Geomorphology, Neotectonics

Doug Burbank


UCSB Dean's Fellowship, 2011/12

Preston Cloud Award, 2011/12

Richard and Eleanor Migues Field Research Prize, 2012/13


My research is focused on the processes that build and shape landscapes, including active tectonics, glaciation, and river erosion. I approach these problems using a combination of fieldwork, geochronology, remote sensing, GIS, and modeling. I am currently working on two projects in the Nepalese Himalaya -- one employing low-temperature thermochronometers to track exhumation rates over a range of timescales, and another focused on the topographic signatures of the underlying tectonics that drive mountain building in the range.  During my M.S. at Utah State University, I studied how the arroyo cut-and-fill cycles of the american southwest relate to flooding as recorded in slackwater flood deposits.


  • Harvey, J.E., and Pederson, J.L., 2011, Reconciling arroyo cycle and paleoflood approaches to late Holocene alluvial records in dryland streams: Quaternary Science Reviews, v. 30, p. 855-866.

  • Harvey, J.E., Pederson, J.L., and Rittenour, T.M., 2011, Exploring relations between arroyo cycles and canyon paleoflood records in Buckskin Wash, Utah - Reconciling scientific paradigms: GSA Bulletin, v. 123, p. 2266-2276.


EARTH 6: Mountains, boots, and backpacks (Teaching Associate), M12

EARTH 20: Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), S15

EARTH 103: Structural Geology (Teaching Assistant), W11

EARTH 103: Structural Geology (Teaching Associate), W14

EARTH 104A: Field Methods (Teaching Assistant), F10

EARTH 109: Geology of California (Teaching Assistant), F12

EARTH 117: Earth Surface Processes (Teaching Assistant), F14

EARTH 176: Geological Applications of GIS (Teaching Assistant), S12

EARTH 176: Geological Applications of GIS (Teaching Associate), S13/S14