Digital Geologic Map of the northern Lake Tahoe-Donner Pass Region,

northern Sierra Nevada, California


Arthur G. Sylvester, William S. Wise, Jordan T. Hastings, and Lorre A. Moyer

October 2012

This web site introduces a GIS compilation of the geology in the following six 7.5'quadrangles: Norden, Truckee, Martis Peak, Granite Chief, Tahoe City, and Kings Beach, comprising nearly 1300 sq km. A separate site presents UCSB student mapping in 2007 of the Sagehen Creek and Independence Lake basins, which are parts of the Independence Lake and Hobart Mills 7.5' quadrangles.

All or parts of the following quadrangles have been mapped: Independence Lake, Soda Springs, Norden, Truckee, Martis Peak, Mt.Rose, Granite Chief, Tahoe City, Kings Beach, Wentworth Springs, and Homewood. Raster images of all the mapping were presented publically for the first time at the 2nd Biennial Conference on Tahoe Environmental Concerns, May 19, 2004, and again at a Tahoe basin core workshop, September 15, 2005. The compiled digital map of six of the quadrangles will be presented May 8, 2007, at the Rocky Mountain Section meeting of the Geological Society of America in St. George, Utah (Sylvester et al., 2007).

The field mapping was done by UCSB students and teaching assistants under the supervision of Sylvester and Wise in summers 1987, 1990, 1992,1993, 2003, 2004, 2005, and 2006 as part of their summer field camp requirements. Their mapping was field checked by Sylvester and Wise and compiled by Sylvester onto orothophoto vellums at a scale of 1:24,000. We have adopted much of the Quaternary geology in the Tahoe City, Truckee, and Martis Peak quadrangles from a hand-colored copy of Birkeland's original field map compilation. Our GIS compilation contains faults that Richard A. Schweickert and his associates (2000) mapped in the region. Many of those faults have been presented in the publication cited below.

Each of the maps was digitized with ArcMap 9.1. The map was published in 2012 by the California Geological Survey as Map Sheet 60 at a scale of 1:48:000. The map is accompanied by a pamphlet that describes the map units and the geology depicted in the map, and provides the data on all available radiometric ages of rocks in the region.

Schweickert, R. A., M. M. Lahren, R. E. Karlin, K. D. Smith, and J. F. Howle, 2000. Preliminary Map of Pleistocene to Holocene Faults in the Lake Tahoe Basin, California and Nevada. Nevada Bureau of Mines and Geology Open-File Report 2000-4, Scale 1:100,000.

Sylvester, A.G., W.S. Wise, J.T. Hastings, and L.A. Moyer, 2007. New digital geologic map of the northern Lake Tahoe-Donner Pass region, northern Sierra Nevada, California. Abstracts with Programs 39, No. 5.

Sylvester, A.G., W.S. Wise, J.T. Hastings, and L.A. Moyer, 2012. Geologic map of the North Lake Tahoe - Donner Pass region, northern Sierra Nevada, California. California Geological Survey MS-60, scale 1:48,000.

Weird and strange mafic enclaves with aplitic haloes - see them here!

Arthur G. Sylvester
Dept. Geological Sciences
University of California
Santa Barbara, CA 93106-9630