Latitude: N 36°50'11"
Longitude: W 121°32'12

Length: 72 m
Number of Nails: 33

Number of Surveys to 2002: 2
Date of Initial Survey: 28 January 1992 (UCSB)
Date of Latest Survey: 10 April 1993

Trespass Permission: None required.

Directions: The array is located on Grant Boundary Road at its intersection with the San Andreas fault.

The Grant Boundary Road nail array replaces an earlier nail line established 12 June 1968 by Bob Burford. It trends 022°, and the San Andreas fault strikes 142° at this site. A deep sag in the street here precludes measurement of the nails with a kite string. The street was resurfaced 3 January 1989, obliterating Burford's line. The new nail line was established on 28 January 1992 and last measured on 10 April 1993.

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