Latitude: N 35°44'02"
Longitude: W 120°17'13"

Length: 33 m
Number of Nails: 12

Number of Surveys to 2002: 4
Date of Initial Survey: 15 February 1968
Date of Latest Survey: 14 February 1988

Trespass Permission: None required.

Directions: The line is located on the southeast side of State Hwy 46, about 0.5 mile northeast of the hamlet of Cholame and about 100 m northeast of the bridge over Cholame Creek. The line itself is in the buried and abandoned asphalt shoulder of the old highway, now between the present highway and the fence line.

The Cholame nail line was established by Robert Nason on 15 February 1968, remeasured on 16 October 1968 (offset 9 mm), and again on 1 March 1971. It was first measured by UCSB in October 1976 and has evinced right slip at a rate of 3-4 m m/yr. An analysis of creep at this location and of USGS measurements of the line was published by Leinkaemper and Prescott (1989). A search was made for the nails in 1993 without success, although no evidence of disturbance was discerned at the site.

Leinkaemper, J. J., and W. H. Prescott, 1989. Historic surface slip along the San Andreas fault near Parkfield, California. Journal of Geophysical Research 94 (B12), 17,647-17,670.

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