Latitude: N 35°16'09"
Longitude: W 119°49'27"

Length: 788.0m
Number of Bench marks: 51

Number of Surveys to 2008: 5
Date of Initial Survey: 20 July 1983
Date of Latest Survey: 7 July 1995

Trespass Permission: None needed.
From Santa Barbara, drive north on US 101 to Santa Margarita; thence east on Highway 58 for 54.8 miles to Seven Mile Road; thence south on Seven Mile Road about 400 m, bear southeast onto Elkhorn Road, and continue 4.4 miles to the second cattleguard and fence. The fence leads north to Wallace Creek. The array is about 200 m from the cattleguard on a bearing of N50°E (MAP).

This is a box-shaped leveling array across the San Andreas fault in the Carizzo Plain about 3 miles south of State Hwy 58 and 10 miles WSW of McKittrick. Click here to see a map of the array.

Four levelings from July 1983 to August 1990 are compared in an accompanying figure. Except for two bench marks, WC01 and WC28, the height changes among the bench marks are insignificant and show no evidence for tectonic vertical movement in seven years at this site.

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