TRIANGLE SPRING Level Line (Line 130)

Latitude: N 36°42'47.9"
Longitude: W 117°07'13.7"

Length: 409.4m
Number of Bench marks: 10

Number of Surveys to 2000: 10
Date of Initial Survey: 1 October 1970
Date of Latest Survey: 26 March 2000

Trespass Permission Required:
National Park Service
Death Valley National Park
Death Valley, CA 92328
(714) 786-2331

The level line begins 7.1 miles north of the junction where Highway 190 splits into Hwy 190 North and Hwy 190 South (Fig. 1). Vehicles must not be driven off the shoulder of the paved road.

This line constitutes one leg of the four legs of a strain quadrilateral at this site across the Furnace Creek fault on the east side of Death Valley, three miles northwest of Stovepipe Wells (Fig. 1).

Observed changes are less than the standard deviation of the allowable error during the 26 year history of its surveys (Fig. 2).


Fig. 1. Schematic map of Triangle Spring leveling array across Furnace Creek fault, Death Valley.


Fig. 2. Height changes and topographic profile of bench marks in Triangle Spring leveling array across Furnace Creek fault in Death Valley. The error bars represent one standard deviation of uncertainty. That for the first survey in 1974 is represented by the two horizontal dashed lines. Most of the bench mark heights vary no more than 1 mm, indicating that vertical displacement on the fault has not occurred at this site in the 26 years of study.
Sylvester, A. G., and S. W. Bie, 1986. Geodetic monitoring of fault movements in Death Valley, 1970-1985, pp. 41-44, in Troxel, B. W., editor , Quaternary Tectonics of Southern Death Valley. Field Guide, Pacific Cell, Friends of the Pleistocene, 44 p.

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