SNORT Level Line

Latitude: N 35°44'52"
Longitude: W 117°45'00"

Length: 832.2m
Number of Bench marks: 24

Number of Surveys to 2000: 9
Date of Initial Survey: 11 July 1983
Date of Latest Survey: 15 January 1996

Trespass Permission: Permission to Trespass on the property bearing this array is required and must be obtained well in advance of anticipated work.
From Mojave, drive Hwy 395 north and northeast about 44 miles to Hwy 178. Proceed eastward 13 miles to the entrance of the Naval Weapons Center. Stop at the Visitor Center to obtain identification badges and for escort to Geothermal Program office. To r each the surveying site, proceed to Pole Line Road, thence proceed northeastward and turn left on Water Road. Veer right at the Range Control Center. Drive 5.9 miles from the Range Control Center, through the "very low-flying aircraft" zone, and turn lef t on a dirt road. Drive about 0.5 mile and park between a clump of trees (to the left) and a trench (to the right). Bench mark S01 is at a fence post by the clump of trees.

This is one of two L-shaped arrays across one of the normal faults evincing surface rupture following an earthquake swarm in Indian Wells Valley in 1982. It is located eight miles NNW of Ridgecrest.

Seven surveys from July 1983 to January 1996 are compared in an accompanying figure and have height changes of less than 1 mm, which is nearly equal to the allowable closure error. One may conclude that height changes are minimal at best or none at least, and there is no evidence of displacement across the fault following the swarms of earthquakes in the China Lake area fo llowing the 28 June 1992 Landers earthquake sequence, or following the 1995 earthquake sequence on the east side of Indian Wells Valley.

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