Latitude: N 34°25'20"
Longitude: W 119°43'35"

Length: 451.1m
Number of Bench marks: 10

Number of Surveys to 2000: 13
Date of Initial Survey: 2 February 1972
Date of Latest Survey: 12 June 1984

Trespass Permission: None needed

From Highway 101 in Santa Barbara, exit at the Mission offramp, turn right and proceed two blocks to Modoc Road; turn right and proceed about one quarter mile to Portesuelo Avenue which bounds La Cumbre Jr. High. Point P01 has been destroyed; P02 is on Po rtesuelo, about 200 m south of its intersection with Modoc Road.

This line crosses the buried trace of the Mesa fault in Santa Barbara. The fault is not known to be active, although unsubstantiated local history places the 1925 Santa Barbara earthquake on the fault.

All of the bench marks are located in curbs, and only minor, nonsystematic changes of heights among the bench marks have been observed, suggesting relative, nontectonic shifts among the curbs.

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