Latitude: N 33°35'00"
Longitude: W 116°26'00"

Length: 2584.3m
Number of Bench marks: 70

Number of Surveys to 2000: 22
Date of Initial Survey: 13 October 1979
Date of Latest Survey: 12 July 1996

Trespass Permission: Permission to trespass is required
From Palm Desert in Coachella Valley, proceed south on Highway 74 for 15 miles to Pinyon Road. Turn right on Pinyon Road and foll ow it about one mile as it makes a broad left arc. Turn right onto Jeraboa Road and drive 2.1 miles north to the gate of Pinyon Flat Geophysical Observatory.

This box-shaped array was established at the Pinyon Flat Geophysical Observatory to provide precise geodetic control for the various crustal strain experiments being conducted at the Observatory. Several kinds of bench marks have been added at various tim es to test their stability. A report about the behavior of some of these bench marks was published by Sylvester (1984).

Reference :
Sylvester, A.G., 1984. Leveling precision and bench mark motions, Pinon Flat Observatory, California. Journal of Geophysical Research 89 (B9), 7949-7956.

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