Latitude: N 34°48'46"
Longitude: W 118°54'20"

Length: 410m
Number of Bench marks: 24

Number of Surveys to 2000: 23
Date of Initial Survey: 18 February 1977
Date of Latest Survey: 27 June 1995

Trespass Permission : The level line was established on Mesa Valley Farm property with permission of the owner at the time, but the farm has not been inhabited for several years.

From the intersection of Interstate 5 and the Frazier Park Road between Gorman and Lebec, proceed west on the Frazier Park Road about 2 miles to a gate and an unmarked, unsigned dirt road on the south side of the road. The gate is locked. The road, which proceeds south about a mile to some power line stanchions, is impassable. The north-south leg of the level line is along the east side of the fence that is nearly parallel and about 50 m west of the power line.

This irregular array crosses a wide zone of fault strands in the San Andreas fault zone northwest of Gorman. Bench marks MV07 through MV24 are on property belonging to Mesa Valley Farm. Bench marks MV10 through MV18 constitute an alignment array.

Several bench marks have been added at various times to extend the length of the line, the most recent being MV01, 02, and 03.

One of the first surveys of the elongated array is compared with the latest survey in an accompanying figure. Most of the bench marks are quite stable, on e to another. Near the fault, bench marks MV11 and MV13 have subsided up to 10 mm relative to the remainder of the line. MV13 has had a tendency to rise and fall throughout the history of the line, yet field inspection reveals no reason to suspect it is loose or periodically disturbed. With the exception of these unstable bench marks in the middle of the line, no signficant height change has occurred from one end of the line to the other.

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