LORINDA Level Line

Latitude: N 34°25'20"
Longitude: W 119°43'25"

Length: 246.3m
Number of Bench marks: 5

Number of Surveys to 2000:  8
Date of Initial Survey: 11 August 1970
Date of Latest Survey: 30 August 1982

Trespass Permission: None needed

From Highway 101 in Santa Barbara, exit at the Mission offramp and go south. Turn right on Chino Street, which is on the right three blocks below the freeway; Lorinda Way branches right off of Chino. Bench mark LW1 is at the intersection of Chino and Mis sion, and the line extends along Chino, Lorinda, and Tinker Way.

This short line was established to search for vertical displacement across the Mesa fault which is inferred to pass through this residential area. Residents reported new sags in t he street in 1968 following a series of earthquakes in the Santa Barbara area. A brief driveby on 16 February 1991 revealed bench mark LW2 had been destroyed. Bench marks 700 and LW1 were not noticed but may still exist; the others were still in place.

As of 1982, we were unable to detect any vertical height changes among any of the bench marks.

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