LLANO Level Line

Latitude: N 34°31'06"
Longitude: W 117°47'53"

Length: 649.1m
Number of Bench marks: 27

Number of Surveys to 2000: 7
Date of Initial Survey: 3 March 1981
Date of Latest Survey: 18 September 1994

Trespass Permission: None needed.

Drive 9 miles east of Li ttlerock to 165 St. East, turn north and drive one mile to a powerline road. Turn right (east) on the powerline road and drive 2.2 miles while staying on the south side of the railroad tracks. The northwest end of the line is about 55 m 165 o from railroad sign post 433.

This is a Z-shaped array across the Llano fault described by Guptill and others (1979) 10 miles east of Littlerock. The bench marks have been subjected to considerable vandalism, especially those near the fault trace, but all b ench marks appear to be in good condition.

The most recent survey is plotted against the first survey in an accompanying graph. Bench marks southwest of the fault have subsided about 1.5 mm in 10 years relative to those north of the fault, opposite to the physiography and the observed vertical, ge ologic separation on the fault, suggesting that the minor height change is not tectonic.

Guptill, P., D. Collins, R. Sugiura and P. Birkhahn, 1979. Quaternary deformation along the Llano f ault, southern Antelope Valley, California. Geological Society of America Abstracts with Programs (Cordilleran Section) 11 (3), 81.

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