JUNCAL Level Line

Latitude: N 34°28'50"
Longitude: W 119°30'15"

Length: 137.6m
Number of Bench marks: 8

Number of Surveys to 2000: 5
Date of Initial Survey: 17 September 1975
Date of Latest Survey: 25 June 1988

Trespass Permission: Permission to Trespass is required.

From Santa Barbara, proceed north on Gibralter Road (USFS 5N25) about 5 miles to its intersection with Camino Cielo; thence east about 5.5 miles to its intersection with Romero Canyon Road at Romero Saddle; thence east about 5 miles to Juncal Campground on the Santa Ynez R iver; thence east through a locked gate about two miles to Juncal Dam and Jameson Lake.

This is a short line of 8 bronze pins on the top of a wing dam section of Juncal Reservoir, 16 miles north of Carpinteria. According to Dibblee (1986) the wing dam is constructed across a strand of the Santa Ynez fault.

Three levelings are plotted in an accompanying figure and show that bench mark B15 the north part of the wing dam rose 40 mm relative to the remainder of the bench marks, whereas B11 subsided about 60 mm. These fluctuations may be due to the fact that the wing dam is constructed in separate sections which may rise and fall relative to each other, although 60 mm seems like a rather large amount of play in a dam.

Dibblee , T.W. Jr., 1986. Geologic map of the Carpinteria quadrangles, Santa Barbara County, California, Scale 1:24,000. Dibblee Foundation Map #DF-04, Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr., Geological Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA.

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