Latitude: N 33°28'35"
Longitude: W 115°52'35"

Length: 1040.0m
Number of Bench marks: 13

Number of Surveys to 2000: 6
Date of Initial Survey: 27 March 1989
Date of Latest Survey: 15 December 1993

Trespass Permission: None needed

Drive 3 miles along Highway 111 from the Salton Sea Recreation Area/Park Headquarters to Corvina Beach. There may be a sign indicating the Corvina Beach exit. Park at a turnout that borders the railroad on the northeast side of Hwy 111. The first bench mark of the level line is 110m northeast of the railroad and is marked by a 2" metal post that protrudes about 4 feet out of the ground.

This array was established across the San Andreas fault as a leveled alignment array.

Height changes across the fault are within the allowable error and cannot be inferred to indicate vertical separation across the fault. Height changes among bench marks at the southwest end of the line range without apparent explanation from 3 to 10 mm be tween 1989 and 1992.

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