Latitude: N 34°26'04"
Longitude: W 117°50'00"

Length: 394.0m
Number of Bench marks: 23

Number of Surveys to 2000: 11
Date of Initial Survey: 25 October 1980
Date of Latest Survey: 25 August 1994

Trespass Permission: Monument #24 is on private property. Contact property owner before surveying.

From Palmdale, proceed southeast on Highway 138 to Pearblossum, thence east 3.5 miles to Ave. 165 E, thence south 6.2 miles through Bobs Gap to the intersection with Ft. Tejon and Big Pines Road. Turn left, proceed about 200 m and park. The line is in a field on the north side of the road, almost in a direct line with the road that comes north from Big Rock Creek.

This is a Z-shaped array across the San Andreas fault at the mouth of Big Rock Creek, one mile southeast of Valyermo. It crosses th e southeast end of a scarp at the mouth of Big Rock Creek near the intersection of Bobs Gap Road and the Valyermo/Big Pines Road.

With the exception of bench mark BC01 at the southwest end of the line, no significant height changes have occurred among the 24 bench marks in 8 years to 1994 as is shown in an accompanying figure. Between 1985 and 1989, bench marks were buried by mud a nd sand from a flood and have not been recovered or replaced.

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