SEWAGE PLANT EDM Array (Line 100)

Latitude: 36š30'20"
Longitude: 115š52'25"

Level Line Length: 431.1 m
Number of Bench marks: 2

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 13 December 1990
Date of Latest Survey: 13 December 1990

Trespass Permission: Notify in advance the Chief Ranger
National Park Service
Death Valley National Monument
Death Valley, CA 92328

Directions: From Furnace Creek, proceed north about 2 miles to the entrance to the U.S. Park Service residential area. Turn right, proceed east to Old Ghost Road, turn left and proceed north and around curve to the intersection of Skyline Drive with Old Ghost Road. The center of the level line is about 50 m north of Old Ghost Road at this point.

This line is equally disposed across the geomorphic trace of the Furnace Creek fault on the east side of Death Valley near the old Park Service sewage treatment plant. All bench marks are 1m-long copper-jacketed steel weld rods driven nearly flush to the surface of the desert floor.

The distance between 102 and 114 was measured once in 1990 with the Wild TC2000 total station distance meter.

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