Latitude: 34š00'26"
Longitude: 119š45'19"

Number of Bench marks: 4

Number of Surveys to 1991: 4
Date of Initial Survey: 28 October 1978
Date of Latest Survey: 17 October 1992

Trespass Permission: The land is under the control of the Nature Conservancy. Permission is required.

Directions: The east edge of the quadrangle is at Portezuelo Divide, 2.3 miles west of the field station entrance.

Comments: Two EDM quadrilateral arrays straddle the Santa Cruz Island fault at Portezuelo Ridge and overlap one another. Slope lengths were initially measured with an HP3808A distance meter and HP reflectors. The 1992 survey used a Wild TC2000 total station distan ce meter with Wild reflectors. No signficant line length changes were observed between the two most recent surveys.

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