Latitude: 35š55'08"
Longitude: 120š28'56 "

Level Line Length: 850.8 m
Number of Bench marks: 2

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 22 August 1987
Date of Latest Survey: 22 August 1987

Trespass Permission: Trespass permission is required.
Directions: From the bridge at Parkfield, drive northwest on Vineyard Canyon Road 4.0 miles to a gate on the north side of the road ma rked only by a sign that says "Pomona". BM PR01 is on the south side of Vineyard Canyon Road. Go through a barbwire strap fence gate opposite the Pitt Ranch gate and walk southwest, perpendicular to the road to PR01.

Comments: The trilateration array consists solely of one measurement in 1987 between rod points RD15 and RD03 in the PITT RANCH level line. This level line was established by the U.S. Geological Survey as a tilt array on the southwest side of the San Andreas faul t, three miles WNW of Parkfield. UCSB set an additional bench mark between each of the USGS bench marks in June 1984. All bench marks are Class B rod marks driven to refusal and capped with a stainless steel nipple.

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