Latitude: 34š34'44"
Longitude: 118š11'02"

Number of Bench marks: 5

Number of Surveys to 1993: 2
Date of Initial Survey: 2 August 1990
Date of Latest Survey: 13 September 1990

Trespass Permission: Permission to trespass is required for properties on both sides of Highway N2.

Directions: To reach PALM B: from Palmdale, proceed west on Elizabeth Lake Road to Ave. 25 W. Turn right, proceed 0.1 mile to paved road on left. Turn left, thence 0.6 mile northwest to intersection with aqueduct siphon at the top of the ridge, continue across siph on, follow track road upgrade northwest along the crest of the ridge about 0.3 mile to the highest point of the ridge. PALM B is 17.6 ft south of the centerline of the track road, 4.6 ft SSE of the broken stub of a steel witness post. Directions to other bench marks are given by NGS bench mark descriptions.

Comments: This was one of the original NGS Earth Movement Study Sites established across the San Andreas fault and California aqueduct in 1964. Much of it was on City Ranch property and was surveyed by NGS only in 1965. Bench marks PALM A, PALM E, PALM F, and PALM H were not found in 1989.

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