Latitude: 35š02'35"
Longitude: 118š57'40"
Number of Bench marks: 4

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 25 July 1989
Date of Latest Survey: 25 July 1989

Trespass Permission: None evidently required.

Directions: From Mettler, proceed west to State Hwy 166, then east 0.4 mile, crossing over U.S. Hwy 99 to a frontage ro ad, then 0.5 mile south along the frontage road on the east side of the highway for 0.15 mile to a farm road on the left. Turn left and go east for 0.45 mile to a T-intersection. Turn right for 0.15 mile to a stand pipe on the right and bench mark METTLE R F.

Comments: This quadrilateral is an NGS Earth Movement Study site. Previous NGS surveys are leveling surveys. Bench marks were established in 1969 and are standard NGS bronze tablets. Bench marks A, B, and E were not found in 1989. The NGS determ ined bench marks heights by precise leveling. UCSB determined heights with a Wild TC2000 total station distance meter in 1989. Heights differ between the two agencies between 5 and 10 cm, probably because of the inaccuracy of determining heights by trigo nometric leveling.

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