Latitude: 37š33'39"
Longitude: 118š47'08"

Length: 627.8 m
Number of Bench marks: 2

Number of Surveys to 1993: 5
Date of Initial Survey: 5 August 1982
Date of Latest Survey: 21 August 1990

Trespass Permission: None needed, although the campground host will not permit parking in any of the campsite slots.

Directions: From Highway 395, drive 2.0 miles up McGee Creek Road to the entrance of USFS campground. The north end of the level line is in the north end of the campground next to prominent white granite boulders next to the road, 75 m east of the campground entran ce.

Comments: This array consists solely of a distance between two bench marks within the 627.8 m-long level line that crosses the Hilton Cr eek fault, 12 miles ESE of Mammoth Lakes, and its 15 m high scarp in McGee Creek. The line was established to monitor vertical displacement across the fault which had 10 cm of vertical displacement after the May 1980 Mammoth Lakes earthquakes. Measuremen ts between the two points of the line are routinely done with the Wild TC2000 total station distance meter. Bench marks are Class B rod marks driven to refusal and capped with a stainless steel nipple. We have not observed significant changes in the leng th of the line between the two bench marks.

Bench mark MC08 is missing from the level line.

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