Latitude: 34š34'22"
Longitude: 119š56'12"

Number of Bench marks: 8

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 18 December 1986
Date of Latest Survey: 18 December 1986

Trespass Permission: The Santa Barbara County Parks Department must be notified.

Directions: From Santa Barbara, proceed 24 miles northwest on Hwy 154 (San Marcos Pass Road) to the park entrance. From Solvang, proceed 12 miles east on Hwy 154 to the park entrance. Bench mark F is at the crest of Arrowhead Island; bench mark A is on the lake sho re near Dakota campground.

Comments: This array was established to provide reference for a 2000 m-long rowing course on Lake Cachuma. Bench marks are oil well pump rods. Precision of the initial survey was +/- 5 cm.

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