Latitude: 34š28'50"
Longitude: 119š30'15"

Number of Bench marks: 7

Number of Surveys to 1993: 7
Date of Initial Survey: February 1970
Date of Latest Survey: 14 August 1980

Trespass Permission: Permission to trespass is required from th Montecito Water District.

Directions: From Santa Barbara, proceed north on Gibralter Road (USFS 5N25) about 5 miles to its intersection with Camino Cielo; thence east about 5.5 miles to its intersection with Romero Canyon Road at Romero Saddle; thence east about 5 miles to Juncal Campground on the Santa Ynez River; thence east through a locked gate about two miles to Juncal Dam and Jameson Lake.

Comments: This is a quadrilateral across a strand of the Santa Ynez fault that passes through the length of Jameson Lake and through its wing dam (Dibblee, 1986). Most surveying done at this site has consisted of leveling and triangulation. The most recent survey (14 August 1980) measured slope lengths with an HP3808A distance meter.

Dibblee, T.W. Jr., 1986. Geologic map of the Carpinteria quadrangles, Santa Barbara County, California, Scale 1:24,000. Dibblee Foundation Map #DF-04, Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr., Geological Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA.

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