Latitude: 34š47'18"
Longitude: 116š28'28"

Number of Bench marks: 8

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 29 July 1992
Date of Latest Survey: 29 July 1992

Trespass Permission: None needed.

Directions: From Barstow, proceed east-southeast about 40 miles to the Hector Road turnoff. Turn right and turn right again onto National Trails Highway. Continue 1.3 miles west to a point where the highway crosses the Pisgah fault. The array lies sout h the highway.

Comments: This array was established to monitor surface slip on the Pisgah fault following the 28 June 1992 Landers earthquake sequence, and especially the earthquake activity that occurred on the Pisgah fault a few days after the main shock. Bench marks are Clas s B rod marks and stainless steel plugs cemented into holes drilled into firm rock.

Sylvester, A. G., 1993. Investigation of afterslip following the M w 7.3 Landers earthquake of 28 June 1992, California. Geophysical Research Letters 20 (11), 1079-1082.

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