Latitude: 37š28'48"
Longitude: 118š19'50"

Number of Bench marks: 10

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 6 August 1987
Date of Latest Survey: 6 August 1987

Trespass Permission: None required.

Directions: North of Bishop take Highway 6 north to Rudolph Road (7.5 miles from the intersection of Highways 6 and 395). The array is north of Rudolph Road and east of Highway 6, near the mouth of Coldwater Canyon.

Comments: This array spans the White Mountain fault zone north of Laws. Bench marks are Class B rod marks driven to refusal a nd capped with a stainless steel nipple. The first and only survey measured slope distances with an HP3808A distance meter, and the lengths may be in error by as much as 10 cm.

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