Latitude: 33š34'55"
Longitude: 115š59'33"

Number of Bench marks: 4

Number of Surveys to 1993: 1
Date of Initial Survey: 5 August 1992
Date of Latest Survey: 5 August 1992

Trespass Permission: None needed, although the Bureau of Land Management probably believes that it should be notified.

Directions: From the town of Mecca, proceed about 5 miles northeast on Highway 195 to a point where the road crosses the San Andreas f ault. The array straddles the fault and the Box Canyon level line.

Comments: This array was established after the 28 June 1992 Landers earthquake to monitor the future effects of that earthquake on the San Andreas fault.

Clark, M. M., 1984. Map showing recently active breaks along the San Andreas fault and associated faults between Salton Sea and Whitewater River - Mission Creek, California. U.S. Geological Survey Map I-1483, 1:24,000.

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