Latitude: 116š20'18"
Longitude: 34š20'18"

Number of Bench marks: 3

Number of Surveys to 1993: 8
Date of Initial Survey: 28 June 1992
Date of Latest Survey: 13 December 1992

Trespass Permission: None sought at the time the array established, but the bench marks are probably on undeveloped private property.

Directions: From the town of Yucca Valley, drive about 15.5 miles north on state highway 247 to Bodick Road. Turn right and proceed 2.2 miles to a point on Bodick Road. Two of the bench marks are on the north side of the road within 10 m of the powerline easement. The other is about 50 m south of the south edge of the road.

Comments: This array was established on the evening of 28 June 1992 to measure afterslip across the Landers fault following the earthquake on that date.

Results: Only 3 mm of right lateral afterslip was measured at this site between 29 June and 12 December 1992, where about 3 m of coseismic slipped occurred (Sylvester, 1993).

Sylvester, A. G., 1993. Investigation of afterslip following the M w 7.3 Landers earthquake of 28 June 1992, California. Geophysical Research Letters 20 (11), 1079-1082.

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