Latitude: 34š32'37"
Longitude: 120š06'38"

Number of Bench marks: 5

Number of Surveys to 1993: 4
Date of Initial Survey: 20 April 1971
Date of Latest Survey: 13 September 1978

Trespass Permission: Permission to trespass is required.

Directions: Proceed from Solvang south on Solvang Road to Alisal Ranch. Follow ranch roads along Alisal Creek to array location in the center of Section 3, T5N, R31W.

Comments: The quadr ilateral was established as a small triangulation array across the Santa Ynez fault, and the most recent survey measured slope lengths with an HP3808A distance meter. The array was sited across the fault trace according to Dibblee (1966), but according to his most recent mapping (Dibblee, 1988), only one of the four corner bench marks is south of the fault.

Dibblee, T. W., Jr., 1966. Geology of the central Santa Ynex Mountains, Santa Barbara County, California. California Division of Mines & Geology Bulletin 186, 99 p., map scales 1:62,500 and 1:31,680.
Dibblee, T. W., Jr., 1988. Geologic map of the Santa Ynez and Tajiguas quadrangles, Santa Barbara County, California, scale 1:24,000. Dibblee Foundation Map #DF-15,Thomas W. Dibblee, Jr., Geological Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA.

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