Latitude: 34š11'23"
Longitude: 116š25'52"

Number of Bench marks: 4

Number of Surveys to 1993: 5
Date of Initial Survey: 10 July 1992
Date of Latest Survey: 12 December 1992

Trespass Permission: None evidently required, although it is probable that the site is private property.

Directions: From the town of Yucca Valley, drive north on state highway 247 five miles to Aberdeen Road. The quadrilateral is located in the property at the intersection of highway 247 and Aberdeen Road, north of Aberdeen Road and east of highway 247.

Comments: This array was initially established across the Johnson Valley fault by Tom Rockwell, San Diego State University, within nine hours after the 28 June 1992 Landers earthquake to measure aftersl ip across the fault surface rupture. Two of the four bench marks were vandalized between June 28 and July 5, and we replaced them with our own.

Nine millimeters of right lateral afterslip was measured at this site between 28 June and 12 December 1992, where about 3 m of coseismic slip occurred (Sylvester, 1993).

Sylvester, A. G., 1993. Investigation of afterslip following the M w 7.3 Landers earthquake of 28 June 1992, California. Geophysical Research Letters 20 (11), 1079-1082.

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