Tess Mayall

MS Spring 2012


Research Areas
Paleoclimatology, Paleoceanography, Geomorphology

Syee Weldeab


Lloyd and Mary Edwards Field Studies Fellowship, 2011/12

Preston Cloud Award



I am working for Guy Kawasaki as a social media assistant. Guy is a best selling author, former chief evangelist at Apple, and public speaker. In my role, I am handling his social media accounts with more than 300,000 followers, doing research and marketing for his upcoming book release, and various administrative tasks that change daily.


This may seem like an odd path for me, but my hope is to someday apply my climate science background to create public outreach campaigns about climate change to inhibit global warming. In order to do this, I needed experience creating engaging social media and marketing campaigns. I am already learning tons that I think can be applied in this way.




Thesis Title:  Indian summer monsoon variability during the last glacial (95-25 kyr BP)


Geol 2: Physical Geology (Teaching Assistnt), S11/M11

Geol 4: Intro to Oceanography (Teaching Assistant), F10/W11

Geol 20: Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), W12

Geol 150: Petroleum Geology (Teaching Assistant), F11