Joseph Goode



Geomorphology, Tectonics

Advisor: Burbank

PhD, Spring 2011


Dissertation Title: Interactions of Tectonics and Rivers with the Surface of the Earth: Studies from Nepal, New Zealand's South Island, and the Naryn Basin, Kyrgyzstan


Geol 2: Physical Geology (Teaching Assistant), F06/F07

Geol 6: Mountains, Boots and Backpacks (Teaching Assistant), F08

Geol 18: Intro to Field Studies (Teaching Assistant), S08/F08

Geol 103: Structural Geology (Teaching Assistant), W08/W09/W10

Geol 115: Optical Mineralogy (Teaching Assistant), S09

Geol 117: Earth Surface Processes (Teaching Assistant), F10

Geol 157: Plate Tectonics (Teaching Assistant), W07

Geol 176: Geological Applications of GIS (Teaching Associate), S10