Blair Paul

Post Doc

Office Location

Webb 2029


Marine Science Institute


Advisor: Dave Valentine



My research interests address the microbial oxidation of methane, a potent greenhouse gas that emanates through seafloor sediments in staggering amounts. The removal of methane in the marine environment provides a significant sink of this gas, otherwise bound for the atmosphere. Viruses are likely responsible for the majority mortality amongst these methanotrophs. However, we know very little about virus diversity and potential gene transfer via infection of such bacteria and archaea. I employ both geochemical and biological techniques to determine whether virus-host interactions alter the physiology of methane oxidizers, and thus influence the resulting biogeochemical process.


Earth 4:  Intro to Oceanography (Teaching Assistant), F08/F09

Earth 20:  Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), W09/S09/S10/S12