Alexander Neely

MS candidate

Office Location

Webb 1031


The Hillslope Signature of Knickpoints Resulting from Stream Capture, Coastal Processes, and Resistant Bedrock on Santa Cruz Island, CA: Insights from an Automated Knickpoint-Selection Algorithm


Research Area(s)


Doug Burbank



Lloyd and Mary Edwards Field Studies Fellowship, 2013/14


My research interests focus on fluvial networks, particularly networks which contain perturbations from graded stream profiles.  Much of my work integrates concepts of tectonic geomorphology, aiming to characterize drainage basin response to external forces, ultimately with the goal of being able to distinguish differences between stream channel responses caused by sea level change and stream channel responses caused by tectonic forcing.  To accomplish this task, I am working in the geologically unique environment of the Santa Cruz Islands, a pristine island landscape which happens to contain events of both uplift and sea level change in its recent geologic history.


EARTH 2: Physical Geology (Teaching Assistant), F13/S15

EARTH 4: Intro to Oceanography (Teaching Assistant), W14

EARTH 7: Dinosaurs (Teaching Assistant), S14/F14

EARTH 106: Intro to Climate Modeling (Teaching Assistant), W15