Tomoko Yano

PhD Fall 2012


Research Area

Chen Ji & Toshiro Tanimoto


Graduate research involves S-wave tomography in upper 10km of LA basin area and LAB (lithosphere and asthenosphere boundary) around hotspots and spreading zones using surface wave seismology. Earthquake source inversion on 2009 L'Aquila earthquake and currently working on backprojection using local strong motion data on 2011 Tohoku earthquake. Mainly utilizing C, and Fortran, Matlab, and GMT for computing and graphing tools.

Specialties:seismology, computation seismology, surface wave tomography, ambient noise, earthquake source mechanism.


Earth 20:  Geological Catastrophes (Teaching Assistant), F07

Earth 100:  Intro to Geophysics (Teaching Assistant), S07/S08

Earth 134:  Intro to Geological and Geophysical Data Analysis (Teaching Assistant), W08/W09/W11/W12

Earth 135:  Principles of Geophysics (Teaching Assistant), F06/F08/F09

Earth 136:  Geophysics Seismology (Teaching Assistant), W07