Speakers Club Schedule

Speakers Club Schedule Winter Quarter 2018
Thursdays 2:00 PM, Webb Hall 1100


Speakers Club Schedule Winter 2018

March 15

Temporal, geochemical, and geodynamic history of the active paleo-Pacific margin of Gondwana

Demian Nelson
Earth Science Department, UC Santa Barbara

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Speakers Club Schedule Winter 2017

January 18

Insights from a Low-Porosity Hydrothermal Aquifer Tracer Study

Menso de Jong
Earth Science Department, UC Santa Barbara

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January 25

Rapid protein evolution in bacteria, archaea, and viruses from subsurface environments

Blair Paul
Marine Science Institute, UC Santa Barbara

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February 1

A Sedimentary Record of Earth's Oxygenation

Noah J. Planavsky
Department of Geology and Geophysics, Yale University

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February 8th

A Carbonate Record of Paleozoic Glaciation

Blake Dyer
Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University

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Speaker's Club Fall Quarter 2017 (Archive)

September 28

(No Speaker Scheduled) 


October 5

A Comparison of Oxygen Fugacities of S-type Granites across the Archean-Proterozoic Boundary

Claire Bucholz
Division of Geological and Plantetary Sciences, Caltech

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October 12

Petrochronology applied to silicic magma genesis 

Mark Schmitz
Department of Geosciences, Boise State University

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October 19

Chemical geodynamics revisited; modeling carbon cycles in earth's deep interior through deep time

Louise Kellogg
Earth and Planetary Sciences, UC Davis

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October 26

The hottest lavas of the Phanerozoic and the survival of deep Archean reservoirs

Esteban Gazel
Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Cornell University

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November 2

Flavors of Pacific Northwest Earthquakes

Joh Vidale
Department of Earth Sciences, University of Southern California

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November 9

Methane Hydrology on Titan

Jonathan Mitchell
Earth and Planetary Sciences, UCLA

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November 16

Topographic stress controls on bedrock fractures, surface processes, and landscape evolution

Seulgi Moon
Earth, Planetary and Space Sciences, UCLA

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November 23



November 30

Quantifying Natural Hazards: From Earthquake Damage to Debris Flows

Victor Tsai
California Institute of Technology

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