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Geochemistry and Igneous Petrology



Professor Jackson uses the isotopic and chemical composition of lavas erupted at plume-fed hotspot volcanoes to gain insight into the make-up of the Earth’s deep interior. In particular, he is interested in understanding the origins (recycling of subducted material, metasomatism, etc) and length scales (hemispheric to micron-scale) of heterogeneities in the mantle. He employs innovative in situ techniques to get at the composition of lavas, phenocrysts and the melt inclusions they host. Owing to the diversity of hotspots in the region, fieldwork in Polynesia plays an integral role in Professor Jackson’s research.


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Submitted Manuscript (*Jackson grad student, **Jackson undergrad student)

30.  Jackson, M.G., and Jellinek, A.M., Major and trace element composition the high 3He/4He ("FOZO") mantle:  Implications for the composition of the bulk silicate Earth. Submitted to G-cubed, February 2013.


Submitted Manuscripts in Revision

29.  Papineau, D.,  B.T. De Gregorio, D. Foustoukos, E. Hauri, A.L. David Kilcoyne, G. McMahon, L. Nittler, Z. She, M.G. Jackson. Organic matter associated with apatite as ingredients for life on Mars. In review at Nature, October 2012
28.  Harpp, K., P. Hall, M.G. Jackson. Galapagos and Easter:  A tale of two hotspots. In review at Geology, October 2012

Manuscripts Accepted or In Press

27. Cabral, R.A.*, M.G. Jackson, E.F. Rose-Koga, K.T. Koga, M.J. Whitehouse, J. Farquhar, J.M.D. Day, E.H. Hauri. Recycling of subducted Archean crust from mass-independent sulfur in oceanic hotspot lavas.  Accepted at Nature, January 2012.

Published Manuscripts

26. Herzberg, C., P. Asimow, D. Ionov, C. Vidito, M.G. Jackson, and D. Geist, Evidence for a long-lived basal magma ocean from coupled helium and nickel systematics in intraplate basalts.  Nature, 2013.
25.  Jackson, M.G., D. Weis, and S. Huang (2012), Major element variations in Hawaiian shield lavas:  Source features and perspectives from global ocean island basalt (OIB) systematics. Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst. (G-cubed) 13, doi:10.1029/2012GC004268.
24.  Payne**, J.A., Jackson, M.G., Hall, P.S. En echelon volcanism and geochemical asymmetry at the Societies hotspot.  Geology, 2013.
23.  Jackson, M.G., Carlson, R.W., Homogeneous superchondritic 142Nd/144Nd in the mid-ocean ridge basalt and ocean island basalt mantle.  Geochem. Geophys. Geosyst., 2012.
22.  Konter, J.G., and M.G. Jackson (2012), Tremendous volumes of rejuvenated volcanism in Samoa:  Evidence supporting a tectonic influence on late-stage volcanism.   Geochem., Geophys., Geosyst., 2012.   
21.  Jackson, M.G., S. Shirey (2011), Re-Os systematics in Samoan shield lavas and the use of Os-isotopes in olivine phenocrysts to determine primary magmatic compositions.  Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 312, 91-101.
20. Huang, S., P.S. Hall, M.G. Jackson (2011), Geochemical patterns among en echelon volcanic chains at Pacific hotspots.  Nature Geoscience 4, 874-878. doi:10.1038/NGEO1263.
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12.  Jackson, M.G. and R. Dasgupta (2008), Compositions of HIMU, EM1, and EM2 from Global Trends between Radiogenic Isotopes and Major Elements in Ocean Island Basalts, Earth Planet. Sci. Lett. 276, 175-186.

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