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Graduate Students


Current Graduate Students

Erin Leckey: (M.A.)
Erin is seeking to establish if a database of the distribution of vascular plants and terrestrial dinosaurs in the Cretaceous of North America will reveal any patterns of parallel distribution that might suggest particular herbivore/plant associations. This is intended as a test of an earlier hypothesis presented by Tiffney that ornithischian herbivores radiated in response to the diversification of angiosperms, while sauropod herbivores were more generally associated with the earlier-evolved gymnosperms.
Julie Broughton (M.A.)

Julie is describing an Early Miocene flora containing fruits, seeds and leaves from the Northern Sierra Nevada of California. Her primary focus is on the identity of the fruits and seeds, but a CLAMP analysis of the leaves will also be used to test the climatic interpretation of the flora determined via the nearest-living-relative method applied to the fruits and seeds. Preliminary results suggest a mixed-mesophytic flora existing under warmer and wetter conditions than at present.



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