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Construction of benchwork for San Jose yard on garage wall and support structure for mainline along south fence.

Affixing the first bracket to the garage wall for the benchwork for the San Jose yard.
Construction of the benchwork for the San Jose yard.
View east across bench attached to garage where the San Jose yard spur heads out on to the mainline.
Rivet counters inspecting the trackwork where the San Jose yard spur heads out onto the mainline.
View west of the falsework for constructing the viaduct that carries the mainline from the bench on the garage in the background.
Setting the redwood rails on posts to carry the viaduct along the south fence.
Construction of mainline and passing siding viaduct along south fence.
Mainline and passing siding built along the south fence out into backyard from garage in the background.
Mainline and passing siding heading east along south fence from garage behind photographer - before filling all with dirt, burying the posts and viaduct to create a ridge.

Mainline and passing siding along south fence before filling in with dirt. See view below.

Almost the same view as above, now with main line and passing siding on the crest of a ridge of fill dirt.

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