LP&P Fact Sheet

Gauge G
Age 14 years: work commenced spring 2002
Theme None, really
Time period Not applicable
Size 90' long, 4' to 15' wide
Mainline length approx. 500'
Track Code 332 brass rail; mostly USA Trains and AML flex track; Aristocraft turnouts; LGB and Piko switch engines.
Track clips Split Jaw Rail Clamps
Configuration One folded dogbone loop connected by a wye to a 30' viaduct to a 15' yard; new connection to 130' invaginated loop.
Minimum diameter 8' hairpin
Maximum gradient 5.5% over two 18' stretches
Power Bridgewerks 10 amp, short circuit protected; battery power is better for this layout
Motive power

Bachmann 4-6-0 steam (V&T); LGB 2-4-0 steam (UP); LGB 2-6-0 Mogul steam (LP&P); LGB 2-8-2 "Mikado" steam (SF);

USA Trains NW-2 diesel electric (SP); USA Trains GP30 (SF), USA Trains GP9, USA Trains SD70MAC diesel (SF)

Rolling stock 8 vintage passenger cars (V&T, UP, 2 private), 8 reefers (various), 1 40' box car (SF), 1 50' box car (SF); 1 hopper (UP), 2 cabooses (V&T, SF), 1 speeder (SF), 1 dedicated track cleaner

Plants on the LP&P

Citrus Navel orange, valencia orange, lime, tangerine, lemon
Hedges Texas privet, yew, boxwood
Conifers Some kind of pine
Groundcovers Dymondia
Annuals None - victims of the drought
Perennials None - victims of the drought
Small shrubs and trees Some kind of sun camellia - drops petals on the tracks, palm
Cacti Barrel (Echinocactus grusonii)

Rocks on the LP&P

Volcanic Basalt, hornblende andesite, obsidian, porphyritic andesite
Plutonic Granite cut by aplite dike (2), gneissic granite ventifact, hornblende gabbro, several types of granite
Metamorphic Pelona Schist, black, red, white chert, blueschist, quartz-muscovite-andalusite schist and quartzite, actinolite, San Gabriel gneiss, stretched pebble conglomerate, meta rhyolite tuff, calc-silicate hornfels, granitic gneiss, petrified wood
Gravel "Palm Springs Gold"