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Graduate Students

John Moore

John wrapping samples at the Gaojiashan section, SW Sha'anxi Province, China

Email:jlmoore@umail.ucsb .edu

John Moore's research focuses on problematic early Cambrian skeletal animals. He is studying microfossils assemblages from SE and SW Sha'anxi, China, that we collected together with Guoxiang Li in September 2008. He has completed a study of the problematic fossil Cambrothyra, formerly described as 'vase-shaped microfossils' but instead likely to be coeloscleritophoran sclerites intermediate in form between halkieriids+siphogonuchitids and chancelloriids. He is currently studying the micrsotructure of Cambrian hyolithomorph hyoliths with the hope of learning their taxonomic affinities.

Leigh Anne Riedman

A filamentous cyanobacterium showing true branching and disturbingly advanced cephalization


Leigh Anne is interested in Neoproterozoic life. She has several ongoing projects including a study of the putative mineralized scales in some vase-shaped microfossils and the pattern of biotic turnover in pre-Sturtian organic-walled microfossil assemblages from Australia.





Marites Villarosa Garcia


Marites is focusing on a 'small shelly fossil' assemblage that Susannah and colleagues Mike Vendrasco and Guoxiang Li collected from a new locality, Dailibaoqing, in Yunnan, China, not far from the Meishucunian type section. In particular, Marites has discovered a number of specimens of Dabashanites, a poorly known coeloscleritophoran with multi-lobed sclerites. She is currently working on characterizing the morphology and microstructure of these sclerites.

Former members of my lab:

Dr. Michael Vendrasco, former post-doctoral fellow, Mike is now teaching at Cal State Fullerton.

Robin Nagy, M.S., 2007. Thesis title: Microfossils from the Neoproterozoic Chuar Group, Grand Canyon, Arizona: Taxonomy, paleoecological analysis and implications for life during the onset of Neoproterozoic glaciation. Robin is now at Utah State pursuing a Ph.D. with Carol Dehler.

Chris Emerling, UCSB undergraduate. Chris is now at UC Riverside, pursuing a PhD in mammalian evolution.

Tova Michlin, UCSB undergraduate. Tova is finishing her master's in paleontology at UC Davis.

Jennifer Osborne, UCSB undergraduate. Jennifer now works as a geologist for Stantec, a large engineering and consulting firm.

Kayla Pettit, UCSB undergraduate. Kayla is now at the University of Washington pursuing a PhD in zooarchaeology.

Mitch Prante, UCSB undergraduate. Mitch is now at Utah State University pursuing a PhD in structural geology.

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