Grants 2004-2008


2004-2008   NSF-MG&G   NSF OCE03-24668, Collaborative Research: Hydrothermal system response to magma supply and crustal thickness gradients along the Galapagos Spreading Center, 89.5º-94ºW (3 year award w/1 year no cost extension). This award includes an REU supplement to support undergraduate participation in this research. $216,153   Haymon (PI) with K. Macdonald (co-PI) + $12,875 (REU)    

2004-2008  NOAA-OE   NOAA NA040AR600049, Exploring Hydrothermal System Response to Magma Supply and Crustal Thickness Gradients along the Galapagos Spreading Center (3 year award w/1 year no cost extension). $506,412   Haymon (lead PI) (with 5 co-PI's at 4 institutions)

2004-2005   NSF-MCB   NSF MCB04-06999, SGER: Developing Metal-Tagged DNA Probes for High Resolution Imaging of Microbial Phylotypes (1 year award w/ 1 year no cost extension and a supplement). $101,302  Haymon (PI) with P. Holden and S. Sievert (co-PI's)

2004-2005   UCSB Instructional Improvement Grants   Students Exploring the Hydrothermal Systems of the Galapagos Rift  $20,226   Haymon (sole PI)



... From the GalAPAGoS expedition, near Santa Cruz Island


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